Welcome to Group Explorer!

If this is your first time opening the software, a new configuration file has been created for you.

New to Group Explorer?

New to version 2.0?

Group Explorer is a piece of software for visualizing the mathematical objects known as groups. Here are some places you might want to get started:

What to read first

Beginners' tips

  • The group library is the main window of Group Explorer and shows all loaded groups. Try double-clicking them to learn more about them.
  • If you need help, each window has help buttons on its toolbar, and a help menu at the top. This window is a typical help window. Search help from the menu or toolbar above.
  • Group Explorer is all about visualization. To get to some of the cool pictures, double-click a group and then click one of the pictures you see. Or try one of these links:

New features

Old features gone away

  • You can no longer open groups, because all groups are opened at startup. If you do not see a group you hoped to, read about how groups are loaded.
  • The navigator and history view are no longer present, because sheets and connecting morphisms will soon make them obsolete

Quick help links:
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